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Our sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Northeast Atlanta, can help with all of your residential and commercial outdoor lighting needs. We will work with you to add brightness to landscapes and outdoor living/business areas for comfort and safety.  No matter the size of your home or vacation home, North Atlanta Homes Services will provide superior time and dedication to your unique outdoor lighting design.  We work with homes in many different stages of development such as established homes, new construction as well as those homes which are still in the drawing stages.  Use your southern hospitality to host gatherings and let us install the perfect lighting system to showcase your home.

  • Detailed Custom Design
  • New Installation
  • Retrofitting and Maintenance of existing systems
  • Exterior Home Lighting on New Construction, Remodels, or Established Homes
  • Pathways, Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks
  • Outdoor Living Spaces, Pools
  • Boat Dock Lighting

Why Choose Us

Little things are a thing to us! We pay meticulous attention to details because we want every part of your outdoor lighting experience to be exceptional.

Right from your first conversation with us, you’ll feel comfortable. We’ll listen to get a good feel for what you’re looking for and you’ll get a feel for our enthusiasm and expertise.

When we install your lighting system, we take great care to leave your property in pristine condition. Don’t be surprises if your grounds look very better than they did before we started.

With our Annual Maintenance Plan, you get complete peace of mind. In fact, you’ll never ever have to change a light bulb.